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A bespoke shirt is the natural complement to a tailor made suit.

Since our conception we have enjoyed a very strong and loyal following of repeat buyers who have moved from a range of other labels and remained loyal to us. Fit is determined by how you like to wear your shirt – from relaxed to very fitted. Twenty seven different measurements are taken to make a specific pattern for you which is kept on file to make reorder simple.

Hundreds of fabrics and finishing options to choose from, prices starting at just £129 (GBP) with a minimum order of 3.

£129 (GBP)
$199 (AUD)
$185 (USD)
€146 (EURO)


Complement Your Bespoke Suit with a Tailored Shirt from Ascot the Tailors

You wouldn’t drink a £500 bottle of red wine out of plastic cups, would you? Probably not. On the contrary, you’d probably drink it out of wide crystal wine glass, to get the most out of the wine’s flavour, smell, and complex character.

Similarly, you shouldn’t wear an off-the-rack dress shirt with a bespoke suit. When you go through the process of getting a suit tailored to fit your form, you spend hours in fittings to get the look and feel just right. You invest all that time because you want to look your best. The only way to complete the ensemble is with a tailored shirt. Luckily, Ascot the Tailors offers both bespoke suits and tailored shirts to help you get the perfect look from top to bottom.

Why a Tailored Shirt Matters?

At Ascot the Tailors, we’ve found that many customers who come to us looking for bespoke suits don’t necessarily see the value in getting a tailored shirt. If you already have a dress shirt that you feel fits you very well, what’s the point of going the customised route?

In most cases, our customers do have dress shirts that fit well. It’s much easier to find an off-the-peg dress shirt with a near-tailored fit than it is to find a suit coat that fits like a glove. Still, even if your shirt isn’t evidently tight or obviously baggy, that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect fit or feels as nice as it could do.  Many different factors can affect how a dress shirt looks on you, depending on your body type.

For instance, correctly fitting yoke on the shoulders of your shirt can make the garment much more flattering if you are of slender build. Most off the peg shirts are too short and easily come untucked which looks messy. The size of the pocket on casual shirts and where it sits on your chest can make the shirt look too big or too small. Other factors such as button placement, the size and shape of the collar, the tapering of the torso or the size of the cuffs will all affect the final look.

Going to Ascot the Tailors for tailored shirts can help you avoid any of these subtle but real pitfalls. Our tailored shirts will look better in any situation than something off the peg, but they will especially make a difference if you are already wearing one of our bespoke suits. It doesn’t make sense to let your suit down with an average shirt.

Count on Ascot the Tailors for Tailored Shirts

If you are looking for a tailored shirt, give us a call at Ascot the Tailors today. We will work with you not only to get the perfect size but also the perfect fabric and design. When we’re finished, you’ll have a dress shirt truly worthy of your bespoke suit. To learn more, give us a call on 01582 468006.

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